Art Cars

Remember the late 60’s jingle “Garland is Carland”? Get ready to view automotive attractions on display for a car show beyond your wildest imagination. Cartists from around the state and beyond will display their funky art pieces on four wheels. Special thanks to the Houston ArtCar Klub! Click here to visit their website.

A green car with big yoda ears attached to the sides

Baby Yoda Head
Kimi Bainter
Houston, TX

A care with dentures, toothpaste and retainers glued all over it. Get it? CHEW

Rex Rosenberg
Great Bend, KS

Paisley Chaos

Paisley Chaos
Richard Tuthill
Houston, TX

A car with a woman painted on the hood

The Women Rock Artcar Express
Bonnie Blue
Houston, TX

Hard to describe (sorry), but a car that is made of grates?

Slinky Mobile
Robert Sanders
Mont Belvieu, TX

A car with planets and spaceships painted on it

Space Car
Ruth Bailey
Houston, TX

A purple furry car with teeth painted on the windows.

Elizabeth Burnham
Houston, TX

A car with a propeller attached to the front and tiny wings

The AeroCar
Dave & Irene Major
Benton, KS

A furry car that looks like a cat

Kat Balue
Becky Morris
Houston, TX

A car with several painted circles on it.

Mandala Bug Art
Ken & Belinda
Houston, TX