Art Market

Explore artwork and handmade goods from local artists, representing a variety of disciplines including painting, photography, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, wood and metalwork.

Amy Adair creates hand-painted portraits and custom paint-by-number kits of pets and pals. Her works can be seen in '1000 Dog Portraits from the People Who Love Them.' She also creates custom ornaments.
AAdair Woman

Patricia Bailey is a jewelry artist specializing in unique, handmade, wire-wrapped jewelry with natural semi-precious gemstones. Each piece is a work of art and affordable. Wear this beautiful jewelry with your favorite jeans and boots or dresses for special events.
PBailey Jewel

Andrea Bain is an artist and silversmith from Forney, TX. She has created art her entire life and was the recipient of a full tuition art scholarship to Texas Wesleyan. She is a graphic designer and arts educator. She currently creates jewelry with turquoise and gemstones and has recently started drawing large insects. Her piece 'The Cicada' was a 2022 Texas State Fair of Texas first-place winner.
ABain Jewel

Hugh Baxley is the owner of Aries Creations. He is a self-taught artist from Denison, TX. Hugh works in an array of mixed media including acrylics, oils, pastels, pencil, charcoal and photography. He creates art with emotion and allows his feelings to help guide his work.

HBaxley Jimmy

Bailey Blu creates artist-themed jewelry specializing in pencil earrings. She designs imagination kits for creating earrings, digital work for stickers, pins and other printables. During the day, Bailey is a full-time art teacher. She has a passion for creating and dabbles in everything.
BBlu Creation

Kristy Bolin is an artist that uses primarily acrylic and oil to create works inspired by nature and accented with the surreal. She uses her imagination to transport you to scenes of relaxation and escape with seemingly no limits. Kristy's latest offerings now include nature photographs.
KBolin Red Bird

Vanessa Camara Designs is the art of jewelry of Dallas-based artist Vanessa Camara. Dots, lines, patterns and colors are what bring her artistic vision to life. Her collection of works includes earrings, candle holders, jewelry boxes and birdhouses.
VCamara Earring

Jeb Cariker paints original acrylic paintings depicting adventurous and unique scenes from the imagination. Coastal and tropical critters can often be found in his paintings - some art pieces have coins embedded in the scenes as a hidden signature. Vivid color and subject details are hallmarks of Jeb's work.
JCariker Seaside

Rita Cheek is a local mixed-media artist who loves giving back to the community by sharing free online classes with children aged 5 to 105. Rita has written and illustrated three children's books.
RCheek Blueeyes

Josselyn Cherry creates abstract acrylic paintings.
JCherry Flowers

Rebeca Compean's work is a representation of being of Mexican descent and living in the US. Throughout her work, she applies different cultural references that keep her connected to her roots. A common denominator in her pieces is the strong use of bold color to emphasize the extent of the influence of her surroundings.
RCompean Accordian

Antonio Dillard uses simple techniques to create paintings in short periods of time.
ADillard Tropical

Cathy Dougherty combines her love of sketching, watercolor and flower photography with her love of greeting cards to produce original art cards and small prints. A trained engineer, Cathy is embracing her new venture as an artist.
CDougherty Cross

Suedabeh Ewing is a visual artist living in Wylie, TX. She has exhibited her work internationally and has participated in multiple juried exhibitions. Ewing recently received the Mayor's award from the City of Rowlett and Best of Show at the 2022 State Fair of Texas.
SEwing Trees

Lindsay Faries believes that art is about the process. She enjoys the synergy, connection and feeling when creation comes together. Lindsay is dedicated to her ever-evolving practice; a place where there are no wrong answers.
LFaries 3 Works

Cindy Fritz has a BA in art from Grinnell College. She is an arts educator in Forney. She loves to paint and draw peaceful nature themes, especially in watercolor and pastels.
CFritz Cabin

Essie Graham uses photography as a means to document the world around me. She makes pictures that call attention to things that other people overlook.
EGraham Bemine

Gavin Hatcher is a student printmaker. He began printmaking after learning about the craft from his teacher. He loves printmaking and the complexities and time involved.
GHatcher Print

Desiree Hullaster is a passionate, creative and free-spirited individual. Painting is her avenue to achieving a flow state - where time ceases and nothing else around her exists. Her artwork is an emotional expression. Each work has its own unique meaning that is derived from her personal experiences.
DHullaster Circles

Jae Jones is an artist specializing in custom-designed bracelets and necklaces made with natural gemstones.
Jjones Bracelet

Heather Lawley specializes in mixed media and photography. Within the world of mixed media, she incorporates wood, gel, epoxy resin, acrylic paint, alcohol markers, chalk paint, and acrylic ink. She has had work exhibited at the State Fair of Texas. She volunteers as the 1st VP of Social Media and Programs for the Rockwall Art League.
HLawley Big Sky

Jade Le is a student artist at Wylie High School. Her passion is to draw and express ideas through art. She loves to draw freehand with things that inspire her every day. Jade's art sales help build her college fund and support dementia research in memory of her grandmother.
JLe Rabbit

Monica Lorch-Daucourt is a 2D artist that has given in to her passion and love of creating and working hard to capture and intrigue the viewer. She gathers much of her inspiration from personal experiences, culture and French background. Monica finds herself continually returning to aspects of literary, philosophical and artistic movements that are often hidden.
MLorchDaucourt Woman Words

Jobina Lugrand is a Mixed-Media Artist Educator. When she is not teaching high school art, she is creating her personal art to be displayed and potentially sold. Her journal collection is an ongoing series of original mixed-media portrait paintings of women and inspirational words. The spiral bound journals are 6x9 inches with lined pages inside and her original art work printed on the cover. Jobina is currently working on a portfolio of new works debuting in February 2024.
JLugrand Journal

Gary McClure creates stacked glass sculptures created from window glass.
GMcClure Glass

Jessica Molina is a Dallas-based lettering artist and illustrator. Her craft focuses on the art of hand lettering to communicate themes of self-love, personal growth, and empowerment. She enjoys creating lettering styles that are highly expressive with poignant messages, bold illustrations, and vibrant color palettes. She hopes to bring positivity, color and inspiration into the world.
JMolina Up

Holli Michener's work revolves around being misunderstood, not fitting in, or being rejected. Fantasy and humor are important parts of her creative process. She likes to layer meanings with her subject matter which often includes morphing animals and insects with bones and human anatomy. Holli is a fine artist and oil painter in the Dallas area.
HMichener Trunk

Diane Min is a self-taught artist that captures and expresses events from her life in art. Abstract painting has helped her recover after two major car accidents. She finds peace through art and hopes to inspire others to see the true beauty of life.
DMin Lines

Leslie Horton Montena specializes in unique, luxurious works of art. She goes beyond simple paintings and artwork to creations of colorful, multimedia splendor. Leslie's love for painting shines through in her work. Her goal is to have her paintings speak for themselves and to the SOULs of others.
LMontena Duo

Michelle Noah holds a BFA in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Printmaking and Painting. She is a local Artist and owner of Ninth Street Gallery in Downtown Garland.
MNoah Exhibit

Brit Norton creates art that is fascinating and unpredictable. She works 'organically abstract' in a style where a flow of color and random patterns emerge on the canvas. Brit uses acrylic paints, recycled house paints, mediums, and water along with manipulating the paint using a variety of techniques to achieve works full of swirling colors and movement.
BNorton Swirl

Kevin Quattlebaum is a Garland resident that works as a graphic designer by day. His passion is Texas landscapes in watercolor and pastels. He loves the luminosity of both media and the immediacy of paper. Kevin's work vacillates between impressionistic and folksy - always with bold color.
KQuattlebaum Mini

Nancy Robbins is a Garland mixed media artist who loves all things color, found objects, and the unusual. A lifelong creator, Nancy's love of mixed media began as a child when she began hoarding collections of small found objects. As an artist, she uses these objects to produce one-of-a-kind works. Nancy also creates whimsical Gypsy Bells and groovy Hue Fusion Illumination Light Boxes.

NRobbins Display

Caroline Selles is a Spanish American artist based in McKinney, TX. A self-taught intuitive artist, Caroline began painting as a way of healing thru decades of physical and emotional trauma and illness. What began as a meditative practice with a desire to see more diversity of form and culture in art, has become a spiritual and healing practice.
CSelles Water

Madison Smith strives to be innovative in her expression of color and form as she explores various mediums, styles and techniques. She wants to create art that is accessible and touches the emotions of everyone in a unique way. Madison wants to encourage and inspire fellow and future artists to embrace their artistic gifts and help bring joy to the world with future expression.
MSmith Thinker

Valerie Synck is a Garland-based, award-winning artist. Although she is an accomplished painter, her first love is drawing. Valerie specializes in Mandalas. She finds that Mandalas offer boundless freedom to create pieces that are as different as snowflakes and galaxies with unlimited possibilities.
VSynck Mandala

Eli Temchin is a photographer with a vision to use his passions for people, the outdoors, and photography to build a better world where people are self-fulfilled and being their best selves.

ETemchin Plaza

Sharla Tinsen creates handmade acrylic art - including coasters, mousepads, jewelry boxes, earrings, magnetic crosses, greeting cards, picture frames and much more.
STinsen Coaster

Katherine Urban is a watercolor artist and teacher with a background in art education. Inspired by her love of the ocean and nature, much of her work is centered around life by the sea. Visit her website to see additional work and find a place of calm where the chaotic world can be forgotten, even if only for a moment.
KUrban Meadow

Michael Vickers is an abstract artist that creates eye-catching artwork that sparks conversation.
MVickers Star

Carrie Ward uses many different mediums such as resin, acrylics, and pastels. Additionally, she loves to create DIY crafts. She believes that working in a single medium is restrictive to her artistic process. She loves how each idea manifests in its own individual way.
CWard Pearl

Kyle Wood is a mixed-media artist. He enjoys shifting reality to create whimsical works that are uplifting, adventurous, and colorful. Some may classify his work as whimsical surrealism, yet it leans towards fantasy and retro at times. Kyle offers prints and magnets of his art.
KWood Tree