Neighborhood Crime Watch

The Neighborhood Crime Watch Program is a program to reduce the number of residential burglaries and criminal activity in the neighborhood through citizen involvement. This can be accomplished if citizens are observant of activities in their neighborhood and will report suspicious activity to the Garland Police Department. The people living on a street are most familiar with typical activities and therefore will be most likely to recognize suspicious activities. This involvement is necessary for a Neighborhood Crime Watch Program to be successful. Additionally, since one or two people cannot watch all of the houses in a neighborhood or even on a street, it is necessary that several citizens in each area participate in the program.

Interest in the Program

Neighborhood Crime Watch Programs in specific areas are initiated when a resident or a group of residents contact the Police Department and express an interest in the program. A meeting is then scheduled in order for the Neighborhood Police Officer to explain to area residents how the program works. If a sufficient number of residents from the area participate, the area will be eligible to have Neighborhood Crime Watch signs installed.

Additional Information

To learn more about the Neighborhood Crime Watch Program, call your Neighborhood Police Officer or 972-485-4881. View a copy of the Neighborhood Crime Watch Application (PDF).

For more information contact:
Officer J. Morillos (
Officer C. Brown (