What occurs at a parking hearing?

When you arrive at the Parking Hearings Office, you will sign in and indicate whether it is your scheduled hearing date. When you are called for hearing, you will meet with a Hearing Officer appointed by the Court. The Hearing Officer will have a copy of your ticket available and will have photographs of the alleged parking violation taken by the officer. You can look at the pictures of the violation along with the Hearing Officer and tell the Hearing Officer any information you believe will be helpful for the Hearing Officer to decide whether you are liable for the parking ticket. You may bring witnesses to testify on your behalf. After the Hearing Officer hears the case, he or she will make a decision and you will be informed of the decision. If you are found not liable, the ticket will be dismissed. If you are found liable, you must pay the ticket on or before the due date to avoid a late fee of $25. Information about your right to appeal is available at the Parking Hearings Office.

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3. What occurs at a parking hearing?